We offer CD Mastering and DVD Authoring in-house.

CD Mastering and DVD Authoring is the last stop in the line of audio and video quality control. A well mastered project is more likely to impress the record labels, studios, and your audience. Whether you have spent thousands of dollars at a studio or recorded your music at home, your master will have that final touch that makes it stand out from the rest with WTSmedia!

  • Standard .CDA file from supplied tracks (.wav or .mp3) - FREE
  • CD Text - $39.00* per project (Includes Encoding of Supplied ISRC codes)

    Services by quote only include:

    • CD editing including normalizing audio, editing the audio tracks
    • Correcting minor noises and pops or corrections
    • Enhanced CD mastering
    • Check Disc(s). REQUIRED FOR EDITS and ENHANCED CD(s)



    • Audio Tracks Stereo Dolby Digital AC3 - FREE
    • .mp4 or other file(s), to standard conversion - $150.00*

    Services by quote only include:

    • Standard DVD encoding and check disc(s)
    • Custom designed menu(s)
    • Chapter points
    • Embedded custom links
    • PAL conversions
    • Audio 5.1 Surround file placement
    • Audio or multiple tracks placement 
    • Check Disc(s). REQUIRED FOR EDITS and ENHANCED DVD(s)



    • $80.00* per project
    • Fixing USB Files for master errors,                                                              $80 per hour

    *Prices subject to change based on the complexity of project(s).


    File Types We Prefer: