6 Disc DVD Box

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You can store up to 6 discs in each of these cases. It is perfect for housing multimedia, and video/audio collections. Each box is made from durable plastic and the tray hubs hold the discs securely. The unique swinging trays each hold 2 discs and allows easy access to the discs. The swinging trays are easily added or removed to allow for more storage options. The 6 Disc box does not have internal clips to hold graphic inserts or booklets.

The Multi-Disc Box comes with a clear overlay (sometimes called an entrapment) which allows you to add a custom-printed wrap to your DVD box.

Features Include:
  • Holds up to 6 Discs
  • 5.25 Wide x 7.5 Tall with 1 Spine
  • Overlay Dimensions: 11.25 W x 7.25 H
  • Black
  • Trays Clip into the box to Easily Add or Remove
  • Case QTY: 80

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