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Dual-Layer DVDs manufactured factory-direct. In-house production gives us the flexibility and control to guarantee you will always get your discs on your deadline and at the lowest price. We make it easy to get your project started with our fast and simple online ordering, free PDF Proofs, free setup, honest communication, and quick processing. Get started today! 

A dual-layer disc (up to 8.5GB) differs from its standard DVD counterpart (up to 4.7GB) by employing a second physical recoding layer on the bottom of the disc itself. A DVD player with dual-layer disc capability accesses the second layer by shining the laser through the first semitransparent layer

  • Free PDF Proofs, Free Setup, 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Full-color Dual-Layer DVD face printing from your design
  • Up to 8.5GB DVD 9

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