DVDs in Media Mailers (1502)

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Includes Full-Color DVDs in Full-Color USPS Approved Mailers

Save up to 24% in postage costs with our custom printed USPS Approved Media Mailers. This sleeve is perfect for mailing a single disc to qualify for USPS automation rates.   This full-color rigid sleeve includes a peel-and-seal closure with a zip-strip opening.  Specifically designed to hold the disc in place during shipment.

Let us Print, Sort, and Mail your project straight to the USPS. Our team of mail experts will update the addresses with NCOA (National Change of Address Certification) and get your list ready for the USPS. We take care of all the necessary paperwork. 

  • Free PDF Proofs, Free Setup, 100% Quality Guarantee
  • The minimum order is 500pcs

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